Banner is not strictly a resource since it’s not persistent, and not accessible directly in the API. It can still be used like a read-only data source in path expressions. It’s a reference to the banner ad slot contained within the bid request, in which an Ad can be placed. If the bid request does not contain a banner ad slot, Banner will simply be null for that bid request.


Property name Type Description
Width integer The width of the banner ad slot
Height integer The height of the banner ad slot
AboveTheFold bool Is this banner ad slot located above the fold?
PositionRank integer The position rank of this banner

Position ranking

The PositionRank property of a Banner is used to determine the location of the banner ad slot on the web page on which it’s located. The PositionRank property will have the value null if its position cannot be determined, and otherwise any of these numeric values – as defined by OpenRTB:

Value Description
1 Above the Fold
2 DEPRECATED - May or may not be initially visible depending on screen size/resolution.
3 Below the Fold
4 Header
5 Footer
6 Sidebar
7 Full Screen