Click tracking

Click tracking is used by advertisers and ad exchanges to track whether ad impressions are clicked. This is a helpful measure when evaluating how well a campaign is performing.

There are two ways to implement click tracking on a Mopedo DSP:

  1. By using automatic click tracking
  2. By implementing a custom click tracking macro.

Automatic click tracking

Automatic click tracking makes the process easy for the advertiser – all you need to do to activate is to set AutoClickTrackingEnabled to true for a given Ad and provide a URL to the corresponding landing page in the LandingPage property. The DSP will then automatically modify the AdMarkup to notify both the DSP and the ad exchange when the ad contained in a winning bid is clicked. If the ad is clicked, the properties Clicked, ClickedAt and ClickLandingPage of the corresponding Win will provide additional information about the clicked impression – for example the time of the click and what landing page the user was forwarded to.

Custom click tracking macro

To manually implement click tracking, the advertiser needs to insert a click tracking macro inside the AdMarkup string of an Ad. This is standard procedure for click tracking, and allows the ad exchange to insert a dynamically generated callback URL in the markup, that allows the advertiser to redirect the user to the ad exchange – which will then redirect the user to the landing page. For more information about click tracking macros in ad markup, see this link.