"Name": "Mopedo.Bidding.Now",
    "Kind": "EntityResource",
    "Methods": ["GET", "REPORT", "HEAD"]

The Now resource can be used to print time and time zone information for the Mopedo DSP, and is also useful when setting up conditions for time-dependent bid rules.


Property name Type Description
Date datetime The current date
Day integer The current day (of month)
DayOfWeek string The name of the current week day in lower case
DayOfWeekNr integer The current week day number, 1-7. Monday = 1
DayOfYear integer The current day of year, 1-365
Hour integer The current hour of day, 1-24
Minute integer The current minute of hour, 1-60
Month integer The current month number of year, 1-12
Second integer The current second of minute, 1-60
Year integer The year, e.g. 2017
TimeOfDay string Time as sortable string, e.g. "12:17:21.6553277"
TimeZone string The name of the time zone where the DSP is located
UTCOffset string The UTC offset of the server’s current time zone
IsDaylightSavingsTime boolean Is the server’s time zone currently in DST?