"Name": "Mopedo.Settings",
    "Kind": "EntityResource",
    "Methods": ["GET", "PATCH", "REPORT", "HEAD"]

The Settings resource contains all settings currently used by the DSP. These are read from the configuration file on start-up.


Property name Type Description
SeatId string (read-only) The seat id used by the DSP. Provided by Mopedo
Email string (read-only) The email address registered for this DSP
RESTPort integer (read-only) The port where the REST API is registered
RESTUri string (read-only) The root uri for the REST API
RequireApiKey boolean (read-only) Are API keys required in the REST API?
AllowAllOrigins boolean (read-only) Are all CORS origins allowed to make requests to the REST API?
BidRequestIP string (read-only) The IP address on which this DSP receives bid requests
LocalOnly boolean (read-only) Is this DSP in local only mode?
ApplicationVersion string (read-only) The DSP application version
BidRequestFilter string The current bid request filter
RoutineUpdateIntervalMinutes integer (read-only) The minutes between routine runs. Default is 360
SpendingSnapshotStoragePeriod string (read-only) The period setting for storage of campaign spending snapshots. Default is "Medium"
DomainName string (read-only) The domain name of the DSP, if any
HttpPort integer (read-only) The port on which this DSP receives HTTP traffic
UdpPort integer (read-only) The port on which this DSP receives UDP traffic
DefaultCurrency string (read-only) The default currency as defined in the configuration file
PrivateIp string (read-only) The private IP address of the DSP server
PublicIp string (read-only) The public IP address of the DSP server