Demo service

While exploring the RESTar documentation, feel free to use this demo server and API key:

API key:  restar

Using a REST client

Using your REST client of choice (Postman is a good one), send an HTTP GET request to the URI above, and include "apikey restar" as the value of the Authorization header. The response you see contains a list of all resources made available for the API key "restar". One such resource is the RESTarTutorial.Superhero resource, on which only GET requests are allowed. To query this particular resource, use the following URI:


You will now see the contents of the RESTarTutorial.Superhero entity resource – that is – all Superhero entities. To only list superheroes with secret identities, use the following URI:


This is the basics of how to consume a RESTar API using HTTP requests. URIs are used to specify what resource and what entities within a resource to operate on, the method specifies what operation to perform (for example GET), and headers like Authorization are used to pass additional information to the web service.

Using WebSockets

The most flexible way to explore the web resources of a RESTar service is to plug in to its Shell resource using a WebSocket connection. To connect to the demo service, use a WebSocket client like wscat or this chrome extension, with this URI:

URI:  wss://

An introduction to how to work with WebSockets and connect to the demo service can be found here.